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Admission-experts is one of the best in the field of career counselling and admission guidance. It has been a pioneer in guiding the students to choose a suitable university from years and has a proven record in

Our Mission

To provide right guidance to the students and motivate them to invest hard work, time and financial resources for their career in India or abroad and give them affordable cost universities recognized by Indian and international accreditation and registration bodies.

Our Aim

admission-experts. research options in Medical, Management, Engineering, Job-Oriented Courses across the world for students. admission-experts. is one of the best in the field of career counselling and admission guidance. It has been a pioneer in guiding the students to choose a suitable university. India is a vast country with varied people. Knowing about the course, higher education, place, charges involved and procedure for entrance is a difficult task to perform as it is the basic step that helps in shaping the student’s future. We work carefully with colleges and universities, students and parents in designing and deciding the profession so that they can get the best preferred profession option as per their needs and capability.

Our Values

Focused on student outcomes

Our students are the ones that set our priorities and expectations since Crimson is unabashedly fixated on them.
Our company was established as a result of our founders' very individualised work supporting pupils. Most of our executive team members continue to work regularly with students today, exemplifying our student-first philosophy. We have a steadfast commitment to helping our students achieve the finest outcomes.
Education has the power to change people's lives, and we witness this every year as it alters the course of our student's lives. Since our students have such great potential for success, we hold ourselves to the standard of assisting them in realising that potential. We believe that the highest student accomplishment occurs without taking any shortcuts, hence we refuse to compromise our morals in the pursuit of these objectives.
This means that on a daily basis, personnel should prioritise the needs of students over those of their managers. Business demands are the same as student needs. This exemplifies the "owner mindset" that we encourage in all of our workers.

The DNA of Hustle & Grit

Going quickly without being purposeful is possible.
At Crimson, we think that if we aren't producing errors, then we're going too slowly. Our goal is to reach a size where we can have an impact on thousands of children.
We can use size to improve our systems and pedagogy as well as diversify and expand our Crimson network, which offers advantages to all parties involved. The expansion has clear additional benefits for our students.
In order to do this, we celebrate "hustling," which involves adopting an entrepreneurial get-it-done mentality that is open to novel and imaginative methods to problem-solving. Every person receives thorough training and is treated as a decision-maker, with high accountability. For top achievers, we set up expedited promotion paths and only consider performance in terms of results (not experience, age, degree, or background). As we venture into uncharted terrain, we welcome the chaos and grit our teeth through the tediousness or repetition if doing so would help us reach our objective.

Level Up

Learning is not our objective, it’s our imperative - we are pro-growth in every aspect, and continually challenge every team member to reach that next level.
Our approach to professional advancement is intimately related to our approach to student education. We are competency-based learners, focused on abilities shown over courses studied.
Our Capabilities Framework, a catch-all document that shows employees the skills they need for every role in the organisation, is at the centre of our learning-first mindset. Like with kids, we build nurturing conditions to help every employee flourish yet challenge them to lead the charge.
For our full-time workforce, this requires ongoing investment. We instil them with early trust and authority, rewarding those who achieve with swift promotions, putting them in situations to develop new skills. We provide top achievers room to extend vertically (raising through their department’s ranks) or laterally to other verticals.
We always look at internal applicants before requesting external ones, looking outside our network as a last resort. We promote our tutors and students into regular part- and full-time employment, having brought back 10 alumni to work at Crimson last year alone.

We only compete to win

We take pride in our commitment to compete and to create the best products possible.
While competition and extrinsic incentives are widely accepted, intrinsic motivation plays a significant role in the educational process.
We strive to offer students services that are among the best worldwide as well as locally. We welcome rivals who offer value to their students, but we unabashedly strive to improve for our own.
This competitive mindset is something we find beneficial. It prevents us from taking our success for granted and only improves the chances of success for our kids.


We Have Been Counselling Students For Educational Opportunities In Foreign Countries

Our Beginnings

Established almost 30 years ago, Rus Education was an initiative to bridge the gap between the young medical students in India who were unable to follow their dream to become doctors in India and the universities abroad which actively provide opportunities for learning and growth. The disproportionate availability of resources and opportunities for medical education and training in India, the limited seats in government medical colleges, and the disheartening expense of private medical institutions are what brought us to deliver you with a chance to find your dream once again with MBBS abroad. With the foundation to help the medical aspirants get admission and study in the foreign medical universities and become world-class doctors, serve the nation at the same time ensure a thriving career in medicine.

Our Motivation

The students that we have helped and their proud parents encourage us every day to reach out to more dreams and strong-willed students and assist them on their journey as they fulfill their aim of becoming successful doctors. Every year tens of lakhs of students appear and qualify for the NEET exam, however, only a handful of students are able to enroll in the government medical colleges of India. The remaining, despite working hard for years, most of the time have to give up on their dream. Only a few privileged students have the option to study in the private medical universities of India. Therefore, a vast number of students are left unhinged with no options and abundant desperation. It is for them, we bring cherry-picked options, alternatives, and services so that even they can live their long-desired dream.

Our Impact

In the last three decades of our services, we have proudly helped more than 50,000 dreams to become an anticipated reality. The students we have helped over the years are currently working in some of the top hospitals around the world and are well known for their expertise. We continuously aim to reach every aspirer in India. Currently, the team has a reach over 20+ major cities across the nation, which is rapidly increasing. We provided admission assistance for over 50 foreign medical universities. At present, as many as 5000 students are pursuing their medical education abroad with us with 1500+ students joining them every year. We also continuously evolve ourselves with the needs of time and demands of our students & parents. With a team of 200+ hardworking and devoted employees, we bring you a step closer to your dreams.

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